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(NYC, Bucharest, Sibiu, Cluj)

In 1977 the legendary filmmaker Roman Polanski was arrested on molestation charges, and pleaded guilty to one of seven counts related to his actions with a 13 year old girl in LA. He was remanded to Cinco prison in California for a 90 day psychological evaluation and released after 42 days.

After years of strangers saying to me "You look like a young Roman Polanski," I finally decided I should make a theatre piece based on this troubled man's life.

With the aid of writer Saviana Stanescu and director Tamilla Woodard, Nomad Theatrical Co began to explore the man's life, his legend, and the quest to understand the psycho-emotional workings of a complex mind.

POLANSKI POLANSKI had an inital one week exploratory run at HERE Arts Center in New York City, and will be seen at PS122 in May 2011 with a performance in Romania following in June.

Playwright: Saviana Stanescu
Performed by: Grant Neale
Director: Tamilla Woodard
Assistant Director: Nancy Keegan
Stage Manager: Naomi Anhorn
Video Design: Jake Witlen
Sound Design: Hillary Charnas
Lighting Design: Joyce Liao
Costume Design: Amelia Dombrowski
Graphic Design: Allen Spector


POLANSKI POLANSKI had an initial run at HERE Arts Center in September 2010, later performed at PS 122 as part of the soloNOVA Festival in May 2011 (nominated for Outstanding Solo Performance, New York Innovative Theater Award), and had a three city tour in Romania in June 2011

Polanski Polanski from ActorsMakeFilms on Vimeo.

photo credit: Mihaela Miran


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